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Office Move Checklist with PDF Download

Office Move Checklist
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Once the time comes to relocate the office, it may seem overwhelming. Moving office furniture, documentation, electronics, and all the knick-knacks isn’t simple, and it’s very much like moving house.

However, having a good plan and an office move checklist can save you a great deal of unnecessary stress. It can help your company organize better, have a general timeline in mind, and keep everything in check before professional movers arrive.

Where to Start With an Office Move Checklist

Office moves, like any other relocation, tend to be very complex and consist of many stages that should be well-planned and executed.

So, how to plan an office move and stay on top of things while taking care of the business as usual? Your office moving checklist should start by creating a timeline that will mark important milestones leading up to and after the relocation. It should be divided into the following segments:

  • The preliminary phase starts at least six months before the move. This includes assessing the need to relocate, setting a budget, appointing someone to lead the relocation project, and researching the locations.
  • The planning phase should start 4 to 6 months before the move date. This is the point on the office move to-do list where you should book a moving company, create an inventory checklist for the office move, and start working on the address change on the company’s documents.
  • The preparation phase begins around 2 to 3 months before the relocation. Use this period to prepare employees, order new equipment, and plan operational downtime.
  • The execution phase starts one month before the relocation date. When planning an office move checklist, remember that you can start packing non-essential items a month before the date. You should also notify clients and partners of your office relocation and contact utility companies to set everything up.
  • Relocation day and post-move weeks should also make it to your office move checklist, as things like overseeing the move and unpacking should be accounted for.

Commercial relocations are much less stressful with a well-thought-out business relocation checklist because it ensures nothing is overlooked.

Preliminary Phase

Six months before the big date, the preliminary phase lays the foundation for further planning and other tasks on the company moving checklist. Begin by understanding the core motivations behind the move.

Is it an expanding workforce or perhaps a strategic business advantage you’re aiming for? Once you’ve determined your needs, you should focus on other aspects.

The Budget for Moving the Company Office, Research, and Project Management

Determining the budget is next on the office move list, and it should include both direct and unforeseen costs. This period also demands appointing a dedicated individual or team with the right skills and authority to lead the whole project and keep it running smoothly.

Their responsibilities will encompass everything from regular updates to decision-making. Lastly, embark on the quest to find the perfect location. Consider factors like employee accessibility, growth potential, and vicinity to clients or partners.

Planning Phase

The planning phase swings at full speed around 4 to 6 months before relocation. Once you’ve laid the foundation, it’s time to move on to the specifics. The most important task is finding and employing a reliable moving company that is renowned for moving office spaces with finesse.

Another crucial thing is to create a thorough inventory to help you declutter and ensure a seamless transition of assets.

This phase is where you should also focus on a communication strategy, which is essential for keeping employees, stakeholders, and clients informed of the progress of the relocation process and potential operational changes.

At the same time, focus on administrative tasks – from updating the company’s official address across various platforms to revisiting contracts.

Things You Need To Know About Employee Relocation Before Moving.

Preparation Phase

Approximately 2-3 months before the move, plan a series of informative sessions for employees to ensure they understand their roles in the move.

It’s also the ideal window to order new equipment or furnishings, as you’ll have enough time for delivery and setup in the new space without any last-minute pressure. Take this time to back up all vital data and other digital assets to ensure continuity of operations without potential technical hitches.

Execution Phase

The countdown truly begins a month away from the relocation date. This is the phase where you start packing non-essential items and office segments while ensuring day-to-day operations continue uninterrupted. One month before the move is a great time to coordinate closely with the chosen moving company and confirm dates, times, and any special requirements.

This is also a strategic period to notify clients, partners, and suppliers of the upcoming relocation. Provide everyone with contact details and reach out to assure them of continued service quality.

As the final days approach, double-check all arrangements, ensure utilities at the new location are set up and functional, and security protocols are in place.

What Are Employee Relocation Packages?

Relocation Day and Post-Move Weeks

This is what the planning and the business moving checklist come down to – relocation day. It’s packed with activity, and every minute counts. The pre-decided schedule on your office relocation checklist should be followed. Still, it’s also crucial to ensure the following:

  • Oversee the handling of delicate equipment or critical documents
  • Coordinate with the moving company to address any on-the-spot challenges
  • Encourage employees to be hands-on with their personal equipment.

The Upcoming Post-Move Weeks

The following weeks after the hectic relocation day are all about settling in. What’s most important on the checklist for moving the business office in this phase is to promptly unpack and set up key business areas to ensure minimal operational delays.

Be proactive in seeking employee feedback to secure a smooth transition into the new office space. Once you’ve checked if the utilities and IT infrastructure are functional, it will be time to relax a bit and celebrate a successful move.

Consult Your Office Moves Checklist and Call Commercial Furniture Movers

With a corporate move checklist, relocating an office can be handled without significant issues. Remember that a successful move is about transporting items and ensuring the team feels at home in the new space.

Let professionals guide your journey if you’re considering an office move soon. Contact Zip Moving and Storage – your trusted partner for a hassle-free relocation experience.

Office Move Checklist Part 01
Office Move Checklist Part 01

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