Moving to Washington, DC: Pros and Cons for 2019

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If you have your heart set on moving to the District this year you’re probably already feeling a bit overwhelmed. The high costs of living along with innumerable options may leave you with more questions than answers. Perhaps, you know someone loving DC or you have read about the unique culture. Either way, you recognize the singular qualities DC possesses. There is a lot more about moving to Washington, DC tahn meets the eye. Delve into the nitty gritty details to find the benefits and burdens for DC dwellers.

Not quite a city mouse? Read more to check out our top 5 nearby suburbs.


Generally mild climate

If you enjoy all four seasons, chances are you will enjoy the weather in DC. The summers are not scorching hot and the winters are cold, but usually short. The weather is regarded as mild and spring in DC is beautiful.

Green spaces everywhere

Washington, DC is a city which boasts abundant green space.. There are numerous parks and gardens; this provides a sanctuary from the concrete jungle. The banks of the Tidal Basin are especially lovely in the last week of March or the first week of April. Over 3,000 cherry trees call DC home, and when they are in full bloom it is truly magnificent.

cherry blossom Washington dc
Cherry blossom in Washington DC

Employment prospects

If you are hoping to become a government employee you may be in luck. Many local, state, and national governments use DC to be their homebase. Of course, many non-government employers call DC home as well. DC is a hub for businesses of all types.

Utility costs

Believe it or not, the utility expenses are lower than the country average. The price of water, heating, electricity, and refuse is up to 23% less than the average utility price!

Leisure activities

DC is a tourist attraction for millions of people each year. The unique history paired with the beautiful scenery attracts tourists from near and far.  There is always something going on! Weekends are filled with festivals, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, and a myriad of other events. Plus, the entrance to national museums is free; anyone can have a great experience visiting interesting exhibits yearound.

Top activities often include restaurants and sports – the District is the home to the Wizards, Redskins, Capitals, Nationals, and DC United.

Furthermore, the central position is extremely suitable for residents to enjoy weekend getaways. Options include nearby Virginia wineries, Delaware beaches, or Baltimore’s aquarium. The list for entertainment is endless, and there is no excuse for being bored when you live in DC.

baseball Washington dc
Home of Washington Nationals

Impressive diversity

The District is a veritable melting pot of different cultures, orientations, and communities. DC prides itself on a welcoming environment. People from all over the globe choose Washington to be their new home. The city has large ethnic neighborhoods that offer residents a taste of “the old country.” These neighborhoods offer cuisine, music, and entertainment from countries such as China, Ethiopia, Italy, and many more. In addition, over 10% of Washington, DC residents identify themselves as LGBT members; this city has the highest number of same-sex couple households. Diversity may have no greater home than Washington, DC.

Of course, one must take the bad with the good. Delve into the not so pretty side of this big city to find out if it is still a suitable location to call home.


Terrible traffic

What can one expect when 700,000 residents commute to work. Terrible rush hours are no joke in DC. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) statistics show inclinations towards commuting by using public transportation, but it’s not nearly enough. Many residents’ number one complaint is the heavy traffic. Also, commuting by the underground subway (the Metro) is quite expensive – metro passes cost $237 for 28 days.

metro in Washington Dc
Washington DC metro

Property problems

Remember how it was mentioned that this is a city which offers great entertainment? That also means that it can get overcrowded at times. Residents and tourists often flock to the same areas and businesses have evolved to cater for big groups.

This concludes the examination of Washington, DC. Recognized as one of the top ten best places to live in the US, and it’s the 12th best place to retire in the US. You may be less or more inclined to move to the city after getting the facts, but before you make a decision be sure to familiarize yourself with the nearby suburbs as well. Below, we will examine the five best suburbs in DC which are also said to belong safest neighborhoods in the US list for 2019

Best suburbs in the D.C. area

Wesley Heights

“Peaceful, quiet and dignified” – this is how the Washington Post described Wesley Heights. If peace and quiet is what you’re after start looking for the best packing prices.

This neighborhood has it all, and surrounded by parks! It is also close to restaurants and shops on New Mexico Avenue. The houses combine the old and new building styles so you see a lot of modernized Tudor buildings. The people living in Wesley Heights are particularly outdoorsy and quite amiable. Residents are known for spending time in their gardens and chatting with neighbors.

Foxhall Crescents

Elegant and European – these two words describe the Foxhall Crescents best. Greenspace also rules the Foxhall Crescents and is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The George Washington University campus is situated here as well as a number of private schools (the majority of the students commute.) The whole area is surrounded by lovely parks on three sides and offers a real oasis in the middle of the city.

Chevy Chase Village

Chevy Chase Village is a wonderful place especially if you enjoy walking. The residents of Chevy Chase Village often boast about leaving their cars in the garage as everything is within walking distance. This suburb is on the very border of the city and is quite old – it was founded in 1890. Many houses are built in the beautiful styles popular in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Barnaby Woods

Another neighborhood with a lot of greenery and even springs and streams. Barnaby Woods boasts an “open-door policy” as the neighbors are known to be very friendly. The community hosts regular gatherings for young and old alike enjoy freedom, open space, and friends.

Barnaby Woods Neighborhood
Barnaby Woods Neighborhood


The last suburb which will tempt you to call the distance moving service ASAP is Haymarket. This suburb was rated as the best suburb to raise a family in. Haymarket has a smaller population compared to the previous suburbs – only about 1,800 people reside here. The public schools have excellent ratings which is one reason why families with children choose to move here. Unsurprisingly, Haymarket is continuing to grow rapidly as the scenery and great reputation continue to draw new residents.

At the end...

Hopefully, this article has given you some food for thought when it comes to understanding life in Washington, DC. Create your own “needs list“and see where the US capital stands in regards to your priorities. Many are choosing to make the move this year!

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