The All Inclusive Change of Address Checklist

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Moving homes is stressful. Decisions involving purchasing a home, selecting a moving company, and packing belongings can leave anyone exhausted. Plus, moving is not just about the furniture. Consider all the interested parties that need your new address! 

 Unless you’ve already installed the Updater app to take care of it for you, you can download free moving checklist PDF and start notifying everyone on the checklist below the moving truck pulls in.

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Friends and family

Sometimes, folks get so caught up in the moving process that notifying some family members or friends gets forgotten. Unfortunately, forgetting to keep family in the loop has resulted in some unpleasant situations. Missed wedding invitations, package deliveries, and awkward drop-ins are a few of the preventable inconveniences.

The post office

Do not forget to notify the post office of your change of address. This is very easy to do. Just go online and set the date. Aim to notify the postal service at least a week before moving.

Your employer

Don’t forget to let your manager know of the pending move. Things can get awkward if pay stubs are delivered to the new owner of your previous residence. Not to mention, problems can arise if  tax forms are sent to the old address.

moving checklist
Consider all the interested parties that need your new address


Take care of these on time to ensure you don’t waste a dime:

  • Gas and electric – these two are very important as you don’t wish to move in under candlelight. Also, consider how the home will be heated.  If it’s cold outside you’ll be cold inside, too.
  • Internet and cable – not being online is bad for your business and your nerves. Not to mention the rest of the family. Indeed, being online has become a modern day necessity.
  • Phone – you wish to continue receiving your calls, so don’t oversee this.  Consider bundling your landline with your cable provider to save money.

Tax agency

Are you running a business or the head of the household? Do not step on any IRS toes. It is easy for you to notify them. An online form is filled in, and that’s it. Don’t forget your state tax agency, too.


If you are receiving funds from the Social Security Administration change the address online or call the service directly.

Banks and credit card companies

You can change the address online or call them and explain the situation. Remember to do that for all of the credit cards in your name.

Insurance provider

Think of the multiple insurance types you own (health, dental, home, car, umbrella, life insurance, etc). Make sure you reach out to each of them. After all, accidents can occur during a simple move, so it’s better to be safe and protected.

Loan providers

Unfortunately, you’ll be taking the loans with you into the new home as that is inevitable. This is one of the crucial tasks, as you don’t wish to oversee a payment or two. It happens all too often so be aware.

Financial agencies

PayPal, credit union, an investment account holder, etc., they all need to be duly notified.

Subscription services

Do you have a favorite magazine? You don’t need to miss an issue! You can usually change the address online with the magazine’s website.


Doctors, the dentist, and the dog’s vet should all be informed about the new whereabouts for reminders and bills. Leaving the area? If you’re not going to use these services further  perhaps they can give you a recommendation for a colleague in your new town.

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At the end...

Finally, remember that timing is everything when moving house. Moving can be hectic and often unpredictable, so don’t leave everything for the last moment. Start checking these to-do items off your list as soon as you determine the day for your big move.

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