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Moving from a Big House to a Big House

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Moving from a big house to a big house, whether to a different neighborhood or another city, is always a complex ordeal. There’s much to consider, from packing your life into boxes to managing the costs. There are many obstacles in this type of relocation because packing and transporting a sizeable household means having a full plate of tasks. The expenses, storage options, and overall moving expenses can stress you out, so let’s consider all these aspects so you can know what to expect.

Moving from a Big House to a Big House

Moving a large home comes with a unique package of challenges and complexities. These can include the sheer amount of belongings, the logistics and coordination of all tasks, or the emotional toll of shifting an entire household. In essence, it’s not an easy ordeal, and there are many aspects you should be mindful of.

Common Problems When Moving a Large Home

Any relocation can indeed be stressful. Never mind if you’re leaving a studio apartment, or your company handles an office move; there are no easily handled relocations. However, packing and leaving a large home can seem especially frightening because there’s so much to do. Here are some commonly faced problems:

  • It’s natural for a large home to become filled with necessary and unnecessary items over time. These homes have more furniture, appliances, decorations, and personal items than you can imagine, and it can be overwhelming to think about packing them all.
  • The more you think about packing, with stuff like delicate, antique, and valuable items on your packing list, the more you get stressed.
  • It can also be challenging to keep track of everything across multiple rooms and possibly numerous storage locations.
  • Another layer of complexity lies in coordinating the move-out and move-in dates, especially if there are temporary living arrangements or construction delays.

On top of it all, there is the physical labor of packing, loading, and unloading, as well as the emotional stress of leaving a familiar home, which can be overwhelming for many families.

A couple of packing items
It's hard to tackle relocation by yourself

Tips for a Successful Large Home Move

So, what’s the secret sauce to a successful and, more importantly, non-stressed move? The answer lies in reasonable preparatory steps and an even better organization. One of the basics is to start your preparations on time and start everything two or three months before the big day. It will give you enough time to sort, declutter, and decide what will move with you, what gets stored, and what can be sold or donated.

Make a Detailed Inventory

So, how do you keep track of all your belongings? Once you’ve thoroughly decluttered, use an app, a spreadsheet, or an old-school pen-and-paper trick to note down everything you want to move with you. A moving inventory will take your organization to the next level.

Label Without Skipping

If you’ve managed to separate things that can already be packed, like seasonal clothing or art and decorations, you should label those boxes for a better unpacking experience. There are several ways to do this: create labels according to the room the items belong in or sort everything by type.

Contact Professional Movers

Although it may seem costly, one wise way to handle all the stress is to hire professional movers and packers. They can efficiently pack your home and ensure all items, especially fragile ones, are safely secured for the move.

If you’re temporarily moving into a smaller space or need to wait for your new home to be ready, consider contacting movers to inquire about their storage solutions. They might have climate-controlled units for sensitive items and larger units for furniture and appliances available at your disposal.

Schedule Utilities and Services

To achieve a seamless transition from one big home to another, you should also arrange for utilities and services to be activated a few days before you arrive. Also, schedule services in your old house to be disconnected after you leave so you don’t get a nasty surprise in the form of a hefty bill.

A woman writing on a box
Label each box for a more straightforward unpacking process

Learn the Moving Costs

It’s also crucial to understand the expenses that await you. We’ll discuss the costs for those relocating to Maryland or considering a move to Atlanta. Remember that expenses can vary significantly depending on the size of your home and the volume of your belongings.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a House in Maryland?

The cost of moving a house in Maryland varies depending on the size of your home and the number of belongings. For instance, moving a studio apartment typically costs about $439, requiring two movers for roughly three hours at $145 per hour.

The cost will increase with the property size: a one-bedroom will cost around $584, a two-bedroom is approximately $905, and the moving cost for a three-bedroom house jumps to $2,004. Larger homes, such as ones with four bedrooms, will cost about $2,289 while moving a home with five or more bedrooms can cost up to $3,487.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a House in Atlanta?

The cost of moving in Atlanta follows similar trends. The overall costs will vary based on specific logistical requirements, such as the exact distance of the move and the property’s accessibility. It’s always best to get a particular quote from local movers in Atlanta, as prices can differ significantly based on these factors and the specific demands of the move. Here’s some essential information for buyers – according to Zillow, home values in Atlanta, Georgia, are $399,000 on average, whereas in Maryland, they are $406,850.

Two people holding a model house
Know about all costs and expenses associated with your relocation

Get a Quote From Zip Moving and Storage

Knowing how much your move will cost will help you plan more efficiently. Getting ready for these prices will help you make a better budget and avoid any surprises, whether you are moving within Maryland or to Atlanta. If you’re ready to move on to the next step, contact Zip Moving and Storage. Our team of professionals can help you move, and we offer reasonable prices and top-notch services.

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