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Spring moving tips with Pros and Cons

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Spring has sprung! The dark, cold, and gloomy days are behind us. The sun is shining brighter, the days last longer, the colors are more vibrant, and taking allergy meds is part of our new everyday routine. With a change in seasons, it may be the perfect time to schedule a move. Check out our pros and cons of moving in Spring below!

8 tips for moving during the spring season

Moving in spring tips

We often associate spring with rebirth and renewal. It’s the perfect time for many to start fresh and change something in their lives. That brings us to planning a change of scenery, a relocation to a new place where you can start fresh! 

There is no better season to start fresh than the spring season, and that’s why we have selected some useful spring moving tips. There is no denying that spring is a wonderful time to move, but it can come with a certain set of challenges.

Zip Moving & Storage understands how stressful relocating can be. No matter the season, moving is not an easy task. It’s not just about packing; it’s about packing your special memories. Here are some tips to help your spring move:

  • Do a big spring cleaning of your house – There is no better time to clean your house than springtime. Winter is finally over, the sun is shining finally brighter, and you can clean your house from top to bottom.
  • Make plans early – As always, when it comes to moving, it’s essential to start planning in time. Packing and labeling all your items takes time and careful organization, so start planning as soon as possible.
  • Transfer all your utilities – Electricity, water, gas, and other similar bills should be transferred to your new address. Moving can be hectic, so many forget to transfer their utilities in time. You can write a friendly reminder.
  • Book your spring movers in advance – If you want to find the best possible spring movers, don’t hesitate to contact them right away. Good and reliable movers can be hard to find because they are usually booked all the time.
  • Prepare for spring allergies – Raise your hand if you get an itchy nose and the incredible need to sneeze all the time during the spring! Trust me, I know firsthand how bad it can get. So, keep your medication close to your on your moving day.
  • Expect unpredictable weather conditions – Spring can bring us unpredictable weather more often than not. It’s best to have an umbrella nearby, just in case.
  • Host a yard sale – A yard sale can be a great idea if you want to get rid of the old furniture that you won’t use anymore in your new home. You can sell for a reasonable price all your unwanted items and have a great chat with neighbors at the same time.
  • Take breaks – Please, don’t take this tip lightly, because moving can be extremely exhausting if you are not taking care of yourself. That’s why it’s important to have to take small breaks on your moving day and be careful not to overburden yourself with too many responsibilities.

The pros:

Moving in spring pros

1. The days last longer

Longer days will give you more time to complete your move before night falls. That will ease your moving process, and you won’t be in a rush. Longer days also mean more time to plan your moving day and give yourself enough time to rest.


2. The weather is getting warmer

Moving during the winter can be difficult both for professional movers and customers. Relocating is tiring for everyone, so having nice and pleasant weather can make things easier. Packing and loading things will be much easier if the sun is shining.  As a professional moving company, we know how important it is to have good weather on your moving day.


3. Moving prices are affordable

Though moving season is undeniably approaching, moving rates are still slightly lower than in the summer months. Also, many moving companies are available, so you are less likely to run into any issues scheduling your move. Relocating can be pricey, so if you want to save some money, it can be a good idea to move during the springtime. Don’t forget to book your movers early and do your research before choosing the right moving company.


4. Selling homes is easier in spring

Many people want to settle into their new homes before the summer. That makes spring an ideal time to sell your home for a great price. You will sell your home quickly, and you will be able to relocate to your new one in no time. The beautiful weather and sunny sky will make your house look even better, so your potential buyers will love it even more!


5. Spring is a great time for travel

Whether you decide to hire professional movers or relocate by yourself, it’s important to have good weather. The spring is a truly good time to travel to your new home. It’s not too hot or too cold. Also, spring is a wonderful time to start fresh. Embarking on a new journey will feel even better because nature is waking up, and everything is blossoming.


6. More flexible schedule for families with kids

Moving with kids is not an easy task. Sometimes, relocating can be easier when your kids are at school. This way, you won’t have to worry about your children, and you can focus more on the tasks you need to go through on your moving day


7. Settling in before the summer season

If you decide to move in springtime, you will be able to enjoy your summer holiday in peace or just rest at your new home during those hot summer days. Getting enough sun and rest is beneficial for our health, and summer is the best time to do that. Also, you will avoid relocating during the moving season when moves are more expensive, and it can be difficult to book the right moving company.


8. Safe roads

Bad road conditions can severely affect your move. Relocating fragile items is always tricky, even when you hire professional movers, but bad road conditions will make the entire process even more difficult. In the spring, there is no ice or snow on the roads. Driving is relatively safer and easier.

The cons:

Moving in spring cons

As you can see, moving in springtime has many benefits, but what are the disadvantages? Read on to discover them:


1. The season of allergies

Moving comes with a lot of cleaning, packing, and unpacking. Dust is inevitable, and once you go outside, ambrosia and pollen are unavoidable as well. Before you realize it, you are coughing and sneezing! This can affect your mood and immune system. Our advice is to plan for your move and always take the right medication for your spring allergies in time. It’s also good to seal your moving boxes tightly to keep the pollen out.


2. Spring rain

Rain on moving day can be an energy drainer. The moving process is complex, and it can last several hours, days, and even weeks. Adding rain into the picture makes everything more challenging. Though professional movers are skilled and equipped to work in difficult conditions, rain can be a real challenge.


3. Higher home prices

In the springtime, demand for real estate is higher. Many home buyers want to settle in their new house before the summer. Traditionally, spring tends to be the busiest time for many realtors. According to recent data, price growth will hit 22% in May. Everything looks better in spring, and sellers are aware of that. Generally, the price for many homes during the spring season will be higher, but you can still find some really good and affordable offers. It’s important to do your research well and plan ahead.

Is moving in the springtime a good decision?

There will always be some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to relocating. At the end of the day, it comes down to choosing the right timing for you. Spring can be a great time to move with only a few minor cons. No matter when you decide to move, our professional movers will do all the laborious work for you. We will take care of your belongings with utmost care. With Zip Moving& Storage, moving is a simple and enjoyable experience.

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